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545 E Street NE

Salem, OR 97301

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est. 2017

About Us

We opened our salon to create a comfortable and enjoyable environment for clients to escape to while getting pampered.

At Luna Lash Suite, we have 3 goals: 

1. To create a personal relationship with our clients.

Most of our clients are regulars who have been with us since we opened. Our clients are more than a customer to us - we strive to get to know each of our clients and create a personal relationship with them.

2. To customize your lashes. 

Have you been to several different lash techs who haven’t listened to the type of the look you want?  Do they always seem to make them too long or caterpillar thick? We always consult with you and customize your lashes depending on the look you want. 

3. To give you a soft, every day look.

We specialize in fluffy, soft looking lashes (never clumpy!). We accentuate and enhance your eyes instead of weighing them down - that way you can simply get up and go in the mornings no matter your age. Clients always remark how much easier and quicker their routines become after trying out eyelash extensions!

We want our clients to feel special, beautiful, put together, and like they can wake up and go. Life is hectic enough! With lashes you don’t even need makeup - which gives you more time to take care of the important things.

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