Aftercare Guide

  • avoid steam/excess heat for 24 hrs 

  • use an oil free make-up remover oil free products

  • wash lashes after swimming or crying 

  • try blow drying your lashes on a low cool setting to keep them fluffy

  • brush lashes regularly, gently, and never too close to the base

  • never subject lashes to extreme heat because they will melt (ovens, hair dryers, lighters, etc)

  • NEVER pick or pull at lashes

  • sleep on your back

factors that can affect lash retention:

  • natural eyelash sheds due to time of year, stress, etc

  • wearing of fragrance during lash appointment

  • usage of certain hair products before lash appointment (especially dry shampoo)

  • usage of eyedrops

  • usage of certain medications (for hormones, thyroid, etc)

  • use of excessive skincare

  • excessive sweating

  • hormonal changes & conditions

  • many more!

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