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Aftercare Guide

  • Don't pick or pull at lashes

  • Don't use mascara, lash curlers, eyeliner (try using black eyeshadow with a liner brush!), or thick creamy eyeshadows

  • Wash lashes every day with a foamy lash wash (and especially after swimming or crying) 

  • Try blow drying your lashes on a low cool setting to keep them fluffy

  • Brush lashes regularly to prevent twisting

  • Avoid putting your face near high heat(ovens, hair dryers, lighters, etc) - your lashes will singe and/or melt 

  • Try to sleep on your back












Appointment Tips:

  • Clean your lashes before fill appointments 

  • Avoid caffeine before appointments (makes eyes fluttery)

  • Avoid chewing gum during appointments

  • Wait to use a spa, sauna, or tanning bed for 24 hours after an appointment (but feel free to wash them as soon as you'd like)

  • Bring a blanket to the salon if you get chilly

  • Try to avoid washing hair the same day as appointments (hair conditioner can make it difficult for extensions to attach to natural lashes)

Factors that can affect lash retention:

  • Natural lashes shed more than usual periodically

  • Thyroid issues usually result in poor retention

  • Excessive sweating and oily skin types will sometimes experience poor retention

  • Usage of certain hair products before lash appointment (especially dry shampoo)

  • Hormonal changes

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