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Eyelash Extension Do's & Don'ts

Eyelash Extension Do’s:

  • Sleep on your back

  • Clean your lashes every other night

    • Please clean your lashes THOROUGHLY either at home before your appointment or in our salon bathroom (even if they look or feel clean or you have not worn makeup or put anything on your face). The adhesive used for eyelash extensions is meant for use on clean lashes, free of any oils or residues and the only way to guarantee this is to cleanse your lashes before application.

    • Wash after crying or swimming

    • Brush lashes day and night

    • Blot dry with a towel and use a hair dryer on low heat

  • Schedule your fills ahead of time

    • If you have limited availability or a special occasion coming up, please schedule your appointments ahead of time to make sure we can get you in!

  • Arrive to fill appointments with clean lashes


Eyelash Extension Don’ts:


  • Excessive moving during the service (all of these move your face & lashes :( )

    • Talking (especially with your hands)

    • Chewing gum

    • Eating

    • Fidgeting

    • Shaking/moving legs or feet

    • Squinting/squeezing eyes shut

  • Tardiness

    • Unfortunately, we aren’t able to extend your appointment time when you arrive late, as we typically have back to back clients

    • When you are late, the lash loss compounds each week - therefore, you will need an extra long fill to make up for the time lost for your next scheduled appointment

  • Dirty lashes

    • Do not come to appointments without washing your lashes

    • Do not use any oil or oil based products around your eyes

  • Makeup:

    • Do not use mascara

    • Use eyeliner sparingly

    • Do NOT use eyelash curlers

  • Do not rub your eyes excessively

  • Do not use a spa, sauna, or bed tan for 24 hours after a full set or fill

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